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À-TOUT-ÂGE is a unique fashion brand for women, selling contemporary clothing and accessories. These luxury pieces are created by founder, Denise Johnston, an industry veteran with immense knowledge and expertise in fashion.  

Finding inspiration in the Italian saying “la bella figura”, Denise Johnston has created a brand that highlights the femininity and natural beauty of women. À-TOUT-ÂGE, translating from French to mean “at any age”, is a brand amenable to women of all ages. Garments are flattering and accentuate a woman’s favorite features about herself.

A woman wearing an À-TOUT-ÂGE garment will be noticed in a crowd. She carries herself with grace and confidence.

Taking inspiration from the natural beauty of her homes in Naples, FL and Southampton, NY, Denise has created garments that can be transformed from a casual and effortless daytime look to an elegant night out. Garments are recognized for their quality by way of delicate embroidery and lace accents. Denise has created timeless looks that highlight the allure of all ages.

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